These are some of the most frequently sighted humpbacks in Seward/Kenai Fjords region.

Humpback 'Crazy Tail' Humpback Y63

'Crazy Tail', ID'd in Kenai Fjords AND Southeast Alaska both

Bubble Net Feeding in 2010 and 2011!



Bubble Net Feeding 2010 and 2011


Humpback 2303 Humpback 'Zahra'

SE Humpback 2303

Bubble Net Feeding 2011 and 2010


Z111, Zahra, photographed in Cliff Bay, Alaska June 2009 and Hawaii Feb 2010, again in Cliff Bay June 2011, in Homer 2003. Lunge Feeding with Y141 and SE1719 in 2011


Humpback 'Joan of Arc'

Y76, Morgan LeFey, almost always near Hive Island 2010, also seen Bubble Net Feeding in 2011

Y141, Joan of Arc, seen frequently in Granite Pass 2009 and 2010,and Aialik Bay 2011, seen in Homer 2005, 2006. Lunge Feeding with Z111 and SE1719 in 2011


Humpback Alfonso

Z29, Spyglass

Seen frequently 2010


Z58, Alfonso, frequently near Cheval Island and Pilot Rk in 2009, 2010, and 2011


Humpback Thumbelina

Z15, Blanc


Y2, Thumbelina


Humpback Tania

Y53, Tania

Seen in Homer in 2002, Kenai Fjords in 2009, 2010


'PolkaDot', seen close to Seward for a couple weeks, often lunge feeding.

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