humpback whales!


Humpback Whales are found throughout the world, and are famous for their long migrations, feeding in cold polar waters, yet giving birth, raising young, and mating in warm tropical waters.  For our Seward area, that means a trip of 2400 miles to Hawaii every fall (like many Alaskan residents!) 

Humpback males sing long (1/2 hour!), complicated songs to attract the females for mating, and all the males copy the same song in a given area!  That song changes the following year.

2 tails

The diet of a Humpback whale will vary depending on it’s location, but includes krill, herring, and small fish about the size of your finger.  They use their baleen plates (which hang from the upper jaw) to strain out the water and keep the fish or plankton inside.

Length  45 to 55 ft, Females are larger
Weight  40 to 50 tons
Length at birth  15’
Weight at birth   1500 lbs
Lifespan  At least 50 years


Bubble Net Feeding in Kenai Fjords! For the first time, Bubble Net Feeding has been documented here in Kenai Fjords, with a group of 6-8 animals in Day Harbor, 7 days straight(mid July). Some of these individual humpbacks have also been documented in Southeast Alaska!

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